Physicians Turn to Specialist For Medical Office Design

Designing a new medical office or remodeling an existing one is more than a matter of space planning and aesthetics. That’s why more and more physicians, property managers and owners are turning to specialists like Healthcare Facilities Solutions (HFS), to design offices that meet the specific needs and challenges of a state-of-the-art medical practice.

“When the office is seen as an instrument of the success of the medical practice, there are a lot of factors physicians must take into consideration when setting up a new office,” according to David Heaney, president of HFS. “Patient comfort and convenience, traffic flow, privacy, and accommodation of medical equipment are some of the major areas that require specialized knowledge. Careful planning and design from the outset yields greater practice productivity and profitability once the office is operational.”

The design process often starts with feasibility studies, needs evaluations and site/facility evaluations. Depending on the nature of the practice, considerations can include staff size, width of hallways, requirements for special finishes, lighting, mechanicals and materials.

Doctors and dentists are finding that good design for their offices is not just a matter of improved function, it also makes sound business sense. Medical professionals are increasingly required to compete for patients and qualified, competent staff. An aesthetically pleasing office that provides a comfortable environment for patients, while enabling a smooth work flow, results in increased patient satisfaction, staff efficiency and retention. That, in turn, impacts the success and profitability of the practice.

Each medical specialty has it its own unique requirements which the HFS architects and interior designers take into consideration when they start their design. For example, Dr. Gregory Marcotte of Asthma & Allergy Care of Delaware, says that “the HFS team had excellent ideas and was very adept at the interior design, selecting a wonderful combination of colors for my office. They were also very flexible and helpful in searching for and specifying the “green” building materials I wanted.”

Dr. Robert M. Krauss, of Chester County Endodontics, turned to HFS for the design of his new offices in Kennett Square, PA. According to Dr. Krauss, using the services of a company that specializes in medical and dental office design was very positive for his practice.

“The HFS design team listened to what we were looking for and took those ideas to come up with exactly what we wanted for our new dental office. Now we have a beautiful working environment that our patients love,” Dr. Krauss reported.

“That,” according to Heaney, “is particularly gratifying to hear since many of the dental equipment manufacturers offer basic office design services in order to promote the sale of their equipment. However, they don’t focus on the total office environment and function, and often are not in touch with local codes and building requirements. 

“By focusing on one industry, we can continually perfect our skills and knowledge while keeping up-to-date with the constantly changing needs of the medical profession because of new treatments, equipment, and regulations which effect it,” Heaney added. “We get it right the first time, which saves our clients a lot of time, money and aggravation when they expand or move into new offices.”