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Total Health & Rehabilitation - Project Spotlight

Healthcare Facilities Solutions recently completed a 3,000 sq. foot renovation project of Total Health & Rehabilitation in Wilmington, Delaware.

The project initially posed some unique challenges. The scope consisted of converting a retail flower shop with limited parking into a patient care facility requiring an ADA compliant ramp for patient access. A variance was required by New Castle County to address the parking limitations in which HFS facilitated. Removal of multiple large industrial refrigeration units and a two story “stone wishing well” left over from the flower shop were just some of the unusual items HFS encountered in planning and the demolition of the project.

With those initial challenges addressed, HFS uncovered a large light filled space which offered a great opportunity to work with the original architecture of the building. HFS highlighted the original vaulted ceilings, large wood beams and floor to ceiling windows around much of the perimeter. The design approach was to integrate a clean, organized open floor plan for the physical therapy equipment and central staff workstation while providing privacy for patients in small one-on-one treatment areas. A quiet room was also incorporated as a sanctuary for patients to relax.

Focus on the aesthetics utilizing color, lighting, and maintaining the original architectural design elements provided cohesion to the space. We incorporated vinyl plank flooring which coordinated with the finish of the existing beams as well as the reception desk to give a warm, inviting feel to the patients. Solution dyed carpet was used in the open equipment areas to help absorb sound and provide the durability required in such a high traffic space. Strategically placed flat screen televisions were an added amenity which can enhance the patient experience.

As HFS does on all its projects, a hospitality design approach was taken to allow both the staff and patients to feel like they are entering a warm and inviting space rather than an extremely “clinical” space. Faced with specialty competition and heightened consumer expectations, providers and patients are looking for the care and professionalism that a space like Total Health & Rehabilitation provides.

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