Unique Design Requirements...
For Dentists & Oral Health Specialties

The quality of a dental practice's facilities is integral to maintaining an efficient office.  The configuration of operatories, location of sterilization equipment, functionality of administrative spaces, flow of patient traffic and HIPAA compliance all must be taken into account when designing a dental office.

Our experts understand the importance of efficiency and functionality for doctors, staff, and patients.  They also know how to bring aesthetics into their designs to make an office comfortable, inviting, and pleasant to work in or visit.

When HFS clients take advantage of our design/build services we guarantee that our work will be on-time and on-budget whether it involves expansion, renovation, or new construction.

Unique Design Requirements...
For Dentists & Oral Health Specialties

There is a clear opportunity cost to lengthy construction.  More time without an office means less time that oral health professionals can be seeing patients and more inconveniences for everyone. 

A well-designed office requires outstanding design expertise, construction and project management.  That’s what you’ll get from Healthcare Facilities Solutions.

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From the very first meeting, you listened to what we were looking for...
The team implements its excellent design ideas with skill...
All of our patients just love our beautiful working environment!
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