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Question: What makes a healthcare designer different from any other designer?

Answer: Architects and designers who have experience designing medical and dental offices know the specific requirements needed for healthcare facilities. Although every project is different, a specialized level of attention to detail is required. Failing to secure a designer without proper knowledge and expertise often results in costly pitfalls and oversights that not only delay a project but that also cause it to go over budget.

Question: Isn't any architectural designer qualified to design my healthcare office?

Answer: Most healthcare design requires specialized expertise and experience to ensure the facility will be compliant with healthcare code as well as flow and function at a high level. Once built, it is very difficult and costly to make changes to correct design flaws. Incorporating the proper details and specificity required for a healthcare project will also eliminate costly delays and budget overruns. At HFS, we only design healthcare facilities and have a proven process that factors in all the details to ensure your project will be a success.

Question: How do I know if the office I'm considering will be right for my practice?

Answer: It is critical to perform a test fit to verify that the size and configuration of the facility will accommodate your program. It is highly recommended to use a healthcare design expert to ensure the space is designed for maximum efficiency and functionality.

Question: What makes HFS different from other companies?

Answer: HFS is a leader in healthcare design. We have more than two decades of experience representing the interest of every type of healthcare facility and truly understand the nuances and unique design needs for your practice. Our experts handle all the details and logistics using our proven process. We can handle every aspect of your project from site selection to design and build-out of your facility. Healthcare is our passion. It is all we do!

Question: How much will my project cost?

Answer: There are a lot of variables that will determine the total cost of a project. We work very closely with every client to identify needs and goals to help create a budget. We then design the project to meet your budget and maximize the return on your investment. At HFS, we can offer guarantees on budgets and schedules with our design-build delivery.

Question: How long will it take to design and build my new office?

Answer: It will depend upon the size of the project and whether you are looking to renovate an existing facility or build from the ground up. At HFS, we have a proven process that will factor in all aspects of the project including real estate, design, and construction. We will create a detailed schedule that will clearly communicate timelines and activities required to successfully complete your project.

Question: What types of services do you offer?

Answer: HFS offers a wide range of professional services for the medical, dental, physical therapy, and veterinary industries. Our various services include site selection, feasibility studies, test-fits, architectural design, interior design, MEP engineering, design-build, green and sustainable solutions, and advisory services.