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Healthcare real estate requires specialized knowledge and experience that is vastly different from a conventional commercial office.
Our team of experts is passionate about the healthcare industry and has been offering solutions since 1996. We know the medical, dental, physical therapy, and veterinary industries inside and out.

At HFS, we work with our healthcare clients in a collaborative manner, delivering comprehensive and value-based solutions that span the entire life cycle of a real estate asset.

A favorable first impression not only reflects well on the image of the practice but also communicates the quality of service and care that patients can expect. An appealing and professional facility enhances patient care, comfort, confidence, and studies have shown that loyalty and referrals are affected by it.

We are a leader in healthcare real estate brokerage. Our team of experts have a proven process that uses real estate to help improve the success of your practice!



Your office or facility is an instrument to your success and one of the largest and most impactful investments you will make. With this much at stake, trusting your healthcare real estate decision to an experienced specialist is essential.

At HFS, we realize the value of your time and work diligently to protect it. We help you avoid costly pitfalls and obstacles associated with the complexities of a medical real estate transaction.

Our proven process creates substantial value and delivers meaningful results to healthcare clients that increases profitability, saves time, and ultimately maximizes the return on your investment

Our systematized approach starts with a Needs and Options Review that can save you days or weeks in time and tens of thousands of dollars. We calculate your program to determine the optimum size of the space you need. Coupled with a test fit, it will provide you the confidence you need to make a strategic decision on which facility is best for your practice while staying within your budget.

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As your real estate advocate, our role is to analyze your specialized requirement and property, identify a thorough plan of action, and implement that plan to ensure your objectives are not  just met, but EXCEEDED.

Download the 4 Things to Know When Investing in a Medical Office Building

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We make it our business to understand client issues and to solve their problems.


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Assisting clients identify what is the best property for their office or facility

Simplifying the process for opening or expanding your facility   
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Saving clients tens of thousands of dollars in real estate costs
Avoiding costly pitfalls, complications, and delays
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Saving clients countless hours of their valuable time
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Helping clients fulfill their dream of opening their own office

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