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4 Marketing Strategies That Deliver More Patients

Never have healthcare patients had so many options. With all the information available online, patients no longer feel the need to visit the closest hospital, medical practice, or even healthcare practices within their own communities. That is exactly why having a detailed marketing plan in place will not only help you reach new patients, but it will also help your retention rates too.

When we talk about a marketing plan, it is not just some fancy jargon. You need a detailed strategy in place that stays in front of people's minds. Sit down and think of all the reasons why someone might choose to change their healthcare provider. Remember, a poorly designed office with long wait times or just one negative experience can change everything, and you are not guaranteed to keep your current patient volumes forever.

Below are our 4 marketing strategies to help you get back on your feet all while keeping you and your patients safe. You may need some outside help to formulate a plan and budget but, in the end, it is worth it when you see new faces inside your practice and existing patients return.

1. Use Consistent Branding

The brand has nothing to do with company colors, your logo, or the shade of shirt you wear. It does have everything to do with what you stand for. What is it about your medical or dental office that makes you different from everyone else? Is it the family-friendly environment or the way you treat patients? Does it have the proper function and flow to be efficient so that you are maximizing your ROI? You may need to think about it for a bit but just remember, your brand is what your patients think of you, not necessarily what you think your brand is or should be.

2. Build a Dynamic Website

You would be surprised at just how many websites (even in October of 2020) do not adjust to the size of a screen when on a desktop, tablet, or phone. Not only is it great for the user experience but it is also something search engines look for when crawling any medical website to determine how you rank.

3. Optimize Your Site

SEO is an extremely powerful tool. However, it is far more complex than you might realize. You cannot simply use the term "best healthcare provider" hundreds of times throughout your site and expect it to rank well. It is all about content and developing the right information for your specific audience. Think about what keywords your potential patients might type in a search engine by putting yourself in their role for a moment.

4. Design Your Office to Maximize Your Success

Your office is an instrument to your success. Many patients feel a medical or dental office environment is directly linked to the quality of care that is administered by the practice. Perception is reality. A great office environment that makes the patient feel relaxed and comfortable will improve their overall experience and can ultimately affect their review of the practice or provider. Implementing an office conducive to correct function and flow can help make the practice more successful by increasing profits and decreasing wait times. Generating more productive staff and creating a memorable experience for the patient can be an excellent way to increase both referrals and return visits.

Implementing these 4 suggestions is a great start to your marketing strategy. Once you have these basic elements deployed, you may also consider incorporating things like social media marketing, pay-per-click display ads, and traditional media options. Developing a marketing plan is an essential part of helping companies outline how a company will implement its marketing strategy.

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