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6 Dentistry Trends to Look Out for in 2024

Now that we're in 2024 let's look at the top dental trends ushering in the new year. As a dental practitioner, utilize these suggestions to help your practice succeed.


AI in Dentistry

Whether it's diagnostics, scheduling, or operating procedures, AI will be at the forefront of patient care and innovation. From early detection to accurate analysis, the benefits will be significant. AI will contribute to cost savings and improved patient experience, too.


Personalized Treatment Plans

Personalized treatment plans align with a shift toward preventive care and are directly linked with the human genome. Dentistry is seeing a revolution in the prevention, diagnosis, and management of dental diseases due to genomic insights.


3D Printing in Dentistry

2024 is poised to provide the dental industry with great value. 3D printers can now create retainers and nightguards, automating the process. In-house fabrication of these dental appliances allows for faster turnaround times, accurate customization, and overall patient experience improvement.

Decrease in Dental Practice Consolidations

A notable trend on the horizon is the potential decrease in dental practice consolidations. This shift is attributed to the prevailing economic landscape with higher interest rates. However, this also presents a positive opportunity for practice owners to fortify their financial foundations and embrace long-term stability strategies.


Dentistry’s Resilience Amid Economic Challenges

Overall, the dental industry is looking at a steadfast upward trajectory that underscores its enduring success in 2024. Patients prioritize their oral health amid economic challenges. This commitment assures the practice revenue, allowing for the potential for growth as patients continue to invest in elective and preventative dental procedures.


Healthcare Facilities Solutions

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