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Changes in Healthcare Real Estate for 2021

We all know the impacts that 2020 brought to the real estate industry. However, these impacts have brought some new trends to the healthcare real estate sector. Here are the top 5 trends that are currently changing the industry for the better.


Telehealth uses technology such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops to help deliver health information and health education. However, just because this new way of doing business is a current trend, it can never truly replace the utilization of traditional healthcare appointments. Telehealth helps to create a bridge between physical visits by:

  • Making healthcare more easily accessible to those living in poor or rural areas.

  • Being an asset for people with limited mobility, disabilities, and time constrains by being a convenient option.

  • Creating a faster way for patients and doctors to collaborate

  • Creating an environment where self-care and healthcare education is possible


Owners of healthcare real estate always need to be creative about how they generate their financial gains. By now, we’re already aware of the fact that interest rates for healthcare real estate spaces will be significantly lower throughout the rest of this year but what about sale-leasebacks and what are they about?

Simply put, a sale-leaseback is a transaction that allows the owner of a space to sell their building to a buyer who gives them permission to lease their property until they pay the price agreed on in full. By doing this, the original owner has a great opportunity to raise their capital. It also gives the owner immediate money which can be used to provide various resources to the healthcare business.

Property Sanitation and Maintenance

We’re noticing that this trend is looking like it will be the most important one responsible for driving the success of the healthcare real estate industry into the future. Proper hygiene and sanitation is a critical element for making patients feel safe in your facility. Property maintenance is also important. From clean counters and floors to sanitation efforts in elevators and furnishings, all parts of the space have to be kept clean at all times. By keeping your facility cleaned and sanitized, you will make this important area of concern an asset to your business.


Technology is a key element for any healthcare facility and new medical tools are being developed at a rapid rate. Healthcare systems are always challenged to re-evaluate and adapt but with the emergence of so much new technology, facilities are forced to examine current assets and determine if they have the resources or space to accommodate new processes.

Value-Based Healthcare

This specific form of healthcare delivery refers to when medical professionals are compensated based on the outcome of their patient’s health. This method is effective in providing doctors with rewards and incentives that motivate them to continue to perform great work on improving the health of their patients. The result is lower-priced facilities with an aim to patient and preventive care.


All of these 5 trends can only benefit and encourage the healthcare real estate industry. By improving existing facilities and providing a deeper level of patient care, this sector can emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever. Healthcare real estate is changing but these changes are an excellent opportunity to change for the better.

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